How to use Notepad++ as HTML editor

This is the age of technology. Everything needs to be developed according to our needs and purposes. Now, whenever we go to fast food points, department stores, pharmacies, and colleges, they use specific software to keep data. And that software is developed through some process and languages which are called coding languages. Not only this, but there are also many other things which we use in our daily lives are developed through some languages like web designing, developing, etc.

What is HTML (hypertext mark-up language)?

To design a website and develop a website, you need to make a backend and front end both in any programming language. Html is the basic language used for coding and making rough templates for further development. To run such programming languages you need an editor, so the editor used for HTML editing, and coding is called HTML editor. Remember one thing that this is not the name of the software, somehow you can use it to search for a suitable editor. We are explaining each and every point regarding HTML and it’s usage. So keep engaged with the article as this is gonna help you a lot.

What is HTML used for 

HTM is used For Making website Forums Menu, With HTML you can easily make any type of website with coding and without coding.

Html was the very first language to use as basic in coding for web designing and development. Then by the passage of time, it got modified to add some external features and directory to keep it up to date. Now HTML 5 is the latest version of the coding language and used by the world’s top web developers. The main question here arises: how to use HTML? what would be the suitable HTML editor?. Don’t get panicked and confused to judge one for your purpose. As we have listed the best and top-rated HTML editor for you.

Best HTML editor Notepad++

It Doesn’t seem to be sublime, brackets, or notepad++? Obviously, notepad++ is the one and most popular HTML editor used for coding HTML and developing websites. If you spare your few minutes to search for the top editor for HTML then you would surely get to notepad++. Why is notepad + + rated and used? It’s all because of its features and plugins. Notepad++ serves you with many plugins used for HTML editing. It’s the most famous plugin that many developers use is an HTML tag.

Best HTML Editor with Live Preview

Notepad++ is the best and amazing Editor you can use This and type HTML Langauge and it has the option to make live preview you HTML work. Use and enjoy it.

Features of notepad++ as HTML editor

Before describing its coding functionality, I’m going to tell you some major features which make notepad++ extraordinary editor for coding. Basically, it offers you to use several coding languages in on editors like html5, Css3, java, javascript, PHP, laravel, C#, C++, and many more. So, you can use any of these languages at the same time or by your needs. Notepad++ is the only editor which has an attractive color scheme in coding. You easily trace errors. It’s a simple and easy interface that makes it easier to do any changes as compared to other HTML editors like sublime, brackets and atoms, etc.

Now, You have enough info to use it and choose it as your HTML editor. If you are wondering about any flaws in notepad++, then don’t worry such editors don’t have any kind of flaws except fewer options. So notepad++ is fully featured and functions to perform your all programming activities accurately. If we go for the deep study of notepad++ as an HTML editor, Then it has an extra coded directory which helps you in color schemes for coding, themes, plugins, tags, child div, parent div, table tags, etc.

Using Notepad++ as HTML editor in coding

Let’s suppose you have to enter the main HTML body, how will you do this? By entering each and every alphabet of coding vers. This will consume more than half of your time to write each coding verse. Notepad++ offers you a feature to just write a tag of {html} and it will give you the whole body coding structure. So, you don’t need to write all tags separately. In this HTML editor, especially the tags that are used to attach files are too long and complex to remember: this editor will automatically write the whole line by just < adding this symbol and one word of that tag. In this coding sense and facility, notepad++ proves itself as the best HTML editor.

Now, discussing its pre-written directory files and plugins, you need to know what is meant by directory and plugins. Basically, directory files are those files that are pre-written by the editor developer to perform coding of that language. Plugins are the extra functionality performing factors used if the directory doesn’t have it. So, notepad++ is enriched in the sense of plugins and directory files both. while using it for CSS( cascading style sheet) coding, it automatically tells you what are available colors instead of entering color code which is too difficult to remember. The second major advantage is that when using CSS for setting divs locations as using position property. Then it offers you many options.


As we have discussed each and every aspect of HTML coding, notepad++ proves itself as the best HTML editor. We don’t force you to stick to our research and reviews, you can also do a search by own. But after visiting and wasting your precious time you will get through the same points which we discussed in this article to make notepad++ as HTML editor. In my opinion, as myself also a web designer: notepad++ is a more advanced features editor for HTML and other languages coding as compared to any other. Its features inspire the developers to use it on mac when they switch their systems.

How to run an HTML file in notepad++?

This is not too difficult to perform. All the editors are used just for coding, so you need to search for running that file into the same editor. just go to that drive where you have saved your file and just double click on it.

How to Indent nested divs or tags?

As notepad++ use to write all lines in straight one direction like right indented. So to make a difference in nested divs, just download the XML tools plugin and use Ctrl+Alt+shift+B to indent your code.

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