How to print screen on a Mac? 4 Different Methods

Mac book

Print screen on a Mac : Most people prefer Mac on windows due to Mac’s many unique functions that Mac possesses, but windows don’t. A part of this is that almost all Mac users face taking the print screen, especially if your workflow requires taking regular screenshots.

    Apple gives a fair number of options to capture, save, delete quickly, and open the print screen in case of any edits, but the point is knowing them. Commonly, there are four ways to capture a screenshot or to print a screen on your Mac, depending upon Mac’s system being used. The first three ways are used in regular Mac book and the fourth one if you have a MacBook with a touch bar. if you want to learn how notepad++ work on Mac visit our previous posts.

Ways to print screen on Mac

Here are a few techniques that you need to print screen on your Mac.

  1. Command shift-3:

Command shift-3

This command is commonly used to print the entire screen. This is very helpful, especially if one is up for any homework or to capture some memorable moments on a video call and, more importantly, during an online class. Furthermore, this is the easiest way of taking screenshots on your Mac. All you have to do is press and hold the shift button, and the command 3 for a second your screenshot will appear on the picture library in the form of a PNG file.

  1. Shift-command-4:

Commonly, this command is used if a specific part of a screen is to be captured. You can use this command to turn the cursor into a crosshair, after which you can drag it to select a portion of your screen to capture. Release the touchpad or the mouse button to take a shot.

After hitting Shift-command-4, you have other options on your screen as well:

  • Press and release the space bar:

In this option, your touchpad’s cursor or mouse is now a crosshair that turns into a little camera icon, which can be moved on any open window. Then, you can easily take a screenshot of your desired window by just clicking on it. This method’s print screen possesses a white border around the window with a little bit of a drop shadow.

  • Press and hold the space bar:

This option is applicable after dragging the crosshair to the respective area but before releasing the touchpad or mouse button. This allows you to reposition your required area. This option is very beneficial, especially if your required area is off by a few pixels. Just hold down the space bar to reposition it and then release the touchpad or the mouse button to take a shot.

  • Hold down the shift key:

This option is also quite similar to the previous one and allows you to select precisely the part of the screen you want to print. You can even position the bottom edge by moving the crosshairs up and down. Release the shift key without moving your cursor and click it again to reposition your respective area’s right edge. You can also switch between moving the straight edge or bottom edge by keeping the typing pad engaged.

  1. Shift-command-5:

It is a new shortcut command introduced in 1988 and is most convenient of all. This specific command calls up a small panel at the bottom of the screen. In this panel, three print screen buttons allow you to print a window or a particular part of the screen as per your desire. Furthermore, two video recording buttons will enable. On the left of this panel, a small X sign s used to close the panel.

On the panel’s bottom right, an option button allows you to save your required print wherever you want. You can choose desktop, mail, messages, clipboard, documents to preview to protect your print. You can also set a 5-10 seconds delay to align all the screenshots according to your need or interest. You can again move the screenshot panel to your desired place by dragging it quickly.

  1. Command-shift-6:

This command only works in the MacBook with a touchpad. You can easily take a screenshot of what’s going on in the on-screen bar. This is the easiest and the most advanced way of taking a screenshot printing a screen of your MacBook. You can easily take a clear and a skinny screenshot of the touch bar by just hitting the command shift along with the command 6. You can also capture the part of the screen you wanted to capture by following the above steps. The point to be noted is that this command is only applicable if you have a 16-inch MacBook with a touch bar on it.