Notepad++ Mac Features – Download Notepad++ Mac 2021

Notepad++ mac features

Notepad++ Mac Features – Original Notepad are the built-in program that has been used for coding and many other purposes since the launch of the 1st operating system. Notepad++ is the advanced application of notepad, it’s a source code editor and is free to download and use for multiple platforms including Windows, Linux, and Mac.

Less Memory Requirement – This amazing software doesn’t only allow you to code in multiple languages but space it consumes in your operating system is close to none. (4-5MB).

To use it you don’t have to worry about your operating system resolution issue as well as this software is available to download in both 32- and 64-bit windows OS architecture. You can easily download both versions from the official website of Notepad++ Mac.

Despite being software that only consumes a minimum of 2-4Mb on your operating system it holds quite a punch in itself and you can work on the source code of your desiring as long as you want without having to worry about any glitches.

The official Microsoft team is continuously working on the backend as well to make it more convenient for you to use, as a result, you will receive updates of Notepad++ Mac Features from time to time. Let us dive into the deep insights of the Notepad++ Mac features.

Notepad++ Mac Features

Notepad++ mac is the most vastly used software for source code editing and writing purposes, it has a wide range of Notepad++ Mac features which makes it more convenient and easier to use. You can not only use to search but also customize the desired text as well and it takes only a minimum amount of space to do that all of that.

Furthermore, it has a lot of languages already built in making your working on them easier and easier and way more convenient. Whether you want to work on Python, C++, HTML, or in any other language, Notepad++ Mac is the software which got you covered in every aspect and every language.

Below is an example of working on Python in Notepad++, one of the most used coding languages nowadays


The component which is used for editing purpose in Notepad++ Mac is Scintilla which is the most updated and powerful one. Notepad++ Mac itself is written in C++ language which uses STL and WIN32 API which results in very small program size and very fast execution speed.

Notepad++ calculates as many routes as possible without making its interface any less user-friendly.

Programming in 79 Different Computer Languages

Amazingly you can work on notepad++ in 79 different computer programming languages which include:

  1. AutoIt
  2. 1 Batch files.
  3. ASP
  4. ActionScript
  5. Assembly
  6. Ada
  7. Scripts
  8. BaanC
  9. 1
  10. Blitz Basic
  11. C#
  12. C++
  13. C
  14. Csound
  15. CMake
  16. Cobol
  17. CoffeeScript
  18. Cami
  19. CSS
  20. D
  21. Diff
  22. Erlang
  23. escript
  24. Forth
  25. Fortran
  26. FreeBASIC
  27. Gui4Cli
  28. Haskell
  29. HTML
  30. INI files
  31. Intel HEX
  32. Inno Setup scripts
  33. Java
  34. Perl
  35. JavaScript
  36. JSON
  37. Lua
  38. KiXtart
  39. LaTeX
  40. LISP
  41. JSP
  42. Makefile
  43. Matlab
  44. PostScript
  45. Nim
  46. nnCron
  47. Scripts
  48. Objective-C
  49. OScript
  50. Pascal
  51. JAVA
  52. PHP
  53. MMIX
  54. PowerShell (Broken)
  55. PureBasic
  56. Python
  57. R
  58. Resource file
  59. Registry script (.reg)
  60. Rebol
  61. Ruby
  62. Rust
  63. Scheme
  64. Shell script
  65. Smalltalk
  66. SPICE
  67. SQL
  68. Swift
  69. S-Record
  70. Tcl
  71. Tektronix HEX
  72. TeX
  73. txt2tags
  74. Visual Basic
  75. Visual Prolog
  76. VHDL
  77. Verilog
  78. XML
  79. YAML

The above-mentioned Notepad++ Mac Features computer languages list indicates two types of special case items:

  1. MS-DOS Style it emulates Dos-era text editing.
  2. Normal text

Notepad++ Mac Features also holds very interesting features like calculating and then creating cross platforms plain text files. It recognizes three kinds of newline representations which include CR, LF, and CR+LF, and can convert between them in no time at all. Notepad++ can also reinterpret plain text files in different character encodings and can also convert them to UCS-2 UTF-8 or ASCII.

Notepad++ mac features has a lot more user-friendly features making your working experience like a paradise. Some of those exciting features as follow:

  • Autosave
  • Split screen editing and synchronized scrolling
  • Finding and replacing strings of text with regular expressions
  • Guided indentation
  • Macros
  • Line bookmarking
  • Simultaneous editing
  • Line operations, which include case conversion (Uppercase, lowercase, sentence case, camel case), and removal of all the redundant whitespace in it.
  • Tabbed document interface

The Amazing Plugin features.

Notepad++ mac features includes all the necessary things which you think one’s Notepad should have. It also supports plugins and is well renowned for its one-of-a-kind robust plugin architecture. Having all of this enables you to add different kinds of multiple in your program. More than 140 compatible plugins have been developed for Notepad++ by the company and thanks to its being an open source you can almost find the plugin for whatever type you want and whenever you want. 10 of these plugins are already included by default in the program, however, if you want to include more plugins you have to install them through an already build-in program called Plugin Manager.

Macros Working

Macros are the best example of user-friendliness; it stores all of the complex calculations in itself and then executes them on a larger scale for your convenience. For example, If you want to delete a line break (BR) code from multiple entities you can not only search them but also can delete them altogether, the wonder doesn’t just stop here you can also replace the deleted code or word with your desired word and then implement that change to the whole program and all of this will be done in less than a second.

Among all the work pads available on the internet nowadays, Notepad++ is the best. Despite being looked like a simple, old school style (which is a perk itself and shows more user-friendliness) it also holds the power of being the best Pad to be working on among multiple languages at once. Not only giving you the option of coloring your code lines as you desire but also remain the fastest in execution speed Notepad++ is truly one of a kind.


All in all, there is nothing wrong with the saying that Notepad++ mac is one of the best source code editing & composing software that is highly capable to do anything in highly efficient manner. The Notepad++ mac features are huge in number and these features diversify its nature. Download Notepad++ Mac & enjoy coding.