Notepad++ Plugin Manager Download Latest & Updated Version

Notepad++ is one of the best, free, and open-source desktop application which most widely used in text composing & code editing. Notepad++ is very flexible in nature. You can easily expand the capabilities of the Notepad++ with the help of the plugin manager. And today in this comprehensive guide we are going to unveil all the features of Notepad++ Plugin manager and also provide the direct downloading link of Notepad++ Plugin Manager. You

What is Notepad++ Plugin Manager?

You might be curious to know what exactly the Notepad++ Plugin manager? Then there is the answer. Notepad++ Plugin Manager allows you to install, remove, and update plugins of Notepad++. The list of plugins is hosted in an XML file which the manager downloads and processes against the list of already installed plugins. Enjoy Notepad++ Mac Latest & Updated Version for free.

Notepad++ Plugin Manager

How to Install Notepad++ Plugin Manager?

In order to install Notepad++ Plugin Manager you simply have to download the .zip file from the downloading link provided below. Once you download you need to place the PluginManager.dll file into the directory of Notepad++. Under your Notepad++ program directory, for example, C:\Program Files\Notepad++\Updated you need to run the gpup.exe file in the updated direct. Or you can also add the PluginManager.dll into the directory of plugins and install again the Plugin Manager from the plugins.

Moreover, the Notepad++ Plugin Manager enables you to update, delete, & install the available plugins. It will also notify the users when the update of the already installed plugin available. It also allows you to update the application directly. Here comes the direct downloading link of Notepad++ Windows 8, Windows 7, and other Microsoft OS.

The Plugin Manager also has many features, for example, it has the ability to calculate the dependencies between different plugins. For example, the side or other plugins will be installed automatically if the user installs any certain plugin which has to use with it. It also shows the compatibility of different plugins with old and new versions of Notepad++.

Notepad Plugin Manager for Windows 7

If you are a Windows user or Vista user then you can also install and update Notepad++ Plugin Manager if and only if Notepad++ run as administrator. That’s why you must have to update the plugin manager & the Notepad++ Plugin manager will be able to work normally under all users.

To sum up all, the Notepad++ Plugin Manager is one of the best tools to manage the different plugins in Notepad++. Download Notepad++ 32-bit & Notepad++ 64-bit Operating system.

Download Notepad++ Plugin Manager

Here comes the direct downloading link of Notepad++ Plugin Manager in order to download & install it in your PC. All you need is to click on the downloading link provided below to start to download Notepad++ Plugin Manager. Don’t hesitate to share your feedback in terms of comments given below.