Notepad++ For Mac [2021 guide]

Notepad++ for mac: A notepad is a software developed for making notes and writing their personal talks. Its very first software version, Microsoft notepad, was pre-installed in Microsoft Windows XP. Then by the passage of time, it began to be used by the window versions. Notepad plus is an updated version for coding for different purposes. It’s quite different from the previous notepad version. Notepad ++ is now one of the most using software for coding by developers. Its supper features, plugins, and themes are superb to use.

Notepad++ For Mac

After getting too much popularity and such exclusive and enchanting features, people started to search for Notepad++ for Mac. Actually, notepad ++ is still not developed for mac systems. It is not only required for mac users but also for those who have switched their system to mac os. So, they often get frustrated by using other software for coding and use it to search for download notepad for mac os. It’s still a debatable issue why it couldn’t be developed for Mac. Somehow, its functionality inspires the most developers to search for it.

how to download notepad++ For Mac

you can easily check the complete guide I give the link where you get free Notepad++for mac. it’s very easy to download notepad++ for mac.

First, we will discuss some of its features, so that you may have some info about why people are getting so eager for its availability on mac os. Notepad ++ has an exclusive feature of numbering lines in the coding process. It will help you to locate any coding part either through searching by line number or by tags. The second one and most astonishing feature of notepad++ is that it will give you some already written plugins if you download its plugin file. For this purpose, you can search by notepad++ plugins manager. Its third and most adoring feature is that you don’t need to open two separate windows or work. it offers you the same window for two different files. So, notepad++ compares files in the same window.

Such features attract people mostly to download notepad++ and use it for their coding purposes. So, by moving towards our topic, This article is going to tell you how to use notepad++ on a mac. There are mainly two methods to run notepad on mac os as well. First of all, is to download and run an emulator software to run windows software on Mac os. So, let’s move to it;

  1. By running an emulator

As we all know, we use different kinds of emulators on pc for running Android applications. Same you can use emulators for running Windows applications on mac os. For this purpose, Wine is the only software that is used for running a fake C:/ directory on mac os and installing different pc applications. Follow these steps to perform this method;

  • Download Wine from your mac browser and install it on your system.
  • Now create a fake C:/ directory after installing in the terminal.
  • Download your desired version of notepad++ and archive it’s the file to that directory.
  • To install notepad just enter run notepad++. exe in the terminal.
  • After installing, launch it through wine and use it for your purpose.

Through this method, you can enjoy using your notepad++ on mac os but we couldn’t say that it would run smoothly. Because you are using it through third party software so it may have some bugs. But don’t worry, here’s our second method in this regard.

  1. Running a virtual machine

Using a virtual machine or window installer could also let you use windows and its applications at the same time. For this purpose, VM ware fusion is mostly used. Through this machine, you can easily use windows and install its application on your mac os. And it also provides you the smoothness and stability of running applications that you enjoyed on mac os. As it is a bit difficult to perform, so we recommend you to watch some tutorials or brief videos to perform this activity. It’s a type of developer method but once you do, you can enjoy all the windows features.


Both these two methods may let you use your notepad++ on mac os but remember one thing that, using a third-party system for coding purposes cam results into bugs. So, you also face some bugs during your coding and developing process. Software development requires the smooth working of software and system, so it is a little bit doubtful that it may not be used for that purpose. In this problem, you hit your thoughts on what to do if I couldn’t use notepad++ properly. So, here we are going to tell you some notepad++ alternatives for mac os. So, get engaged in the article and let’s move to those alternatives;

  1. Sublime

Sublime is another most used software for coding in different languages. It has proved itself quite easier to use for web development. I personally used it for web designing and its interface is too easy to understand. The plus point here is that you can run this application on your all mac os versions as well. So, don’t panic and stick to notepad plus. Sublime text has the capacity to manage all your editing lines with space margins. All divs and tags are spaced as they go for sub and subcategories. So it helps you to locate your coding lines easily. The other super feature of sublime is that you can use its prescribed color codes in CSS and many other css3 extras without going to search for it. You can use it in both black and white themes.

  1. Brackets

Brackets is another coding software used for developing purposes. it can run more than 5 languages at a time in a single file. That’s why it is now one of the most used applications for coding these days. Brackets are also used for its capability to run on mac os. It is too light that it’s whole file size is 2 to 4 MBS. And it can run on any system either windows or mac smoothly. As it is more advanced than sublime text. So, it has many more features than the sublime. It will develop a rough template if you start with the first tag of HTML. There are also many other features that make brackets more usable than notepad++. So, you can say that it’s the best notepad++ alternative for mac.

  1. Atom

atom is another advanced, free, and fully coded software to use for coding purposes. It is more advanced than sublime but equal to brackets. As they both got famed due to their extra options and features. Atoms let you know how to fill out the whole line by just entering one string or verse of code. As they are pre-coded so you don’t have to write the whole coding line.

  1. Code runner

CodeRunner is built-in or likely to say specialized software for mac and mac os. It is specially developed to use on mac os if other applications bugs during the performance.  CodeRunner is like the notepad++ of mac os. So, it is fully featured software to use for coding. It has the capability of running more than 125 languages of coding. So, it’s another best notepad++ alternative for mac os.

There is a lot of other software as well. According to my research, there is no lack of software to use on mac for developing purposes. Although, some are more advanced and some not. So, we have helped you in this sense by providing you with the best 4 software.


As I have described all reasons and purposes to use notepad++ and also some alternatives. I will suggest you use Atom or brackets text software for your coding purpose. As both these are fully advanced and light to use smoothly.

Is wine free to use or any license key to purchasing?

No, it is totally free software and you can download it from any website. But, I will suggest you download it from its official website to avoid any virus.

Did virtual machines require any external drive for saving windows?

It's your choice to use an external hard drive. Somehow, it would be useful if you use an external drive because it will protect your data in case of a crash or bug.

Can CodeRunner be used for developing software?

Absolutely yes, as I already described that CodeRunner supports more than 125 developing languages. So, you can also use it for software development.

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