Notepad++ latest version (Notepad++ 7.81)

Notepad++ latest version (Notepad++ 7.81) : Notepad ++ is the upgraded version of Notepad and comes with some of the advanced features. It is much more than just a notepad. In fact, it supports the coding language to let the programmers develop a source code file of their own. Using the Notepad++, you will be able to make a difference in your notes making, app development and programming.

notepad++ 7.81

Upgraded features

Notepad++ 7.81 came up with a number of exciting and value added features that makes it exceptionally good. It is much more than just a regular text editor is. Here are some of the exclusive add on in the latest version:

Added WYSIWYG text editor – it is the only text editor with the WYSIWYG so you can make its versatile use. You can easily add and edit text in the application that helps to make things quite accessible.

Syntax highlighting – supports all the leading and minor programming languages including Ruby, JavaScript, C++, CSS, C, HTML, Python, PHP, Lisp and more. All these languages are exclusive for the app and web development. It is beneficial for the programmers to explore and expand the coding scope.


Learn about how to use Notepad++ as html editor

Easy to develop source code – other than notes you can make source code files using the languages and all latest features. These files are shareable and easy to access as well for the people. Moreover, these files are secure to upload and download online as well.

Extended plug-ins – it has a number of supported plug-ins to let you make the use of numerous features in it. There are some features you cannot access by default but using the plug-ins, you will be able to access the additional features.

Loading options – the Notepad++ offers you to load or write configuration files from the built-in installation directory. There is no need to use %APPDATA% in the Notepad++. Things are quite easy and accessible for the programmers to make some of the quick and smart moves.

Tabbed interface – allows you to open multiple windows at a time in different tabs for quick working. It keeps the files organized and lets you to shift from one tab to the other quickly.

What is special in Notepad++ 7.81 ?

The special thing in Notepad++ 7.81 is the WYSIWYG text editor that is a utility for the programmers. They can use it for coding in multiple languages such as C, C++, Java, HTML, CSS, Ruby, Python, PHP and many others. This feature makes it next to pro and helps the programmers and coders to work on easy coding and develop multiple web pages, apps and other programs as well. It is an ideal application for the programmers to have code source file. It can keep the codes secured, recorded and easy to share or access as well.

Moreover, the text editor can be used as a normal notepad. Other than codes the programmers can save information, make notes and have other details as well.



It is one of the powerful and efficient text editors available at present and all its attractive features and benefits make it attractive. From the users to the reviewers are giving the new Notepad ++ the best reviews and comments. There is no doubt that it is having some of the ultimate add-on. Here are some of the exclusive pros that you will love:

  • Two feature pivotal to programming, syntax highlighting and code completion
  • Open multiple text files at a time in different tabs
  • Support all programming languages from basic to advanced
  • Have a WYSIWYG editor as well
  • Multiple options to view text, zoom text, collapse text, highlight sections and more
  • Numerous hidden features that you need to explore
  • Built in installation directories for configuration files


Overall, there is nothing in the Notepad++ that can cause issue or problem. It is too good that its greatness is the only fault in it. For a simple notes taking task, this version is excessively mature and advance. All the next level features make it exceptionally advanced for simple tasks.

Overall ratings

Notepad++ is a star from its launch. All the latest features of the program have changed the concept of notepad in a system. Previously it was just a text editor that helps to write or edit test. Right now, it is coming up with a wide range of options, plug-ins, add-on, directories, features and more. All these combined features help the programmers to make the right use of the software.

Upon reviewing and testing all the features, notepad++ got the highest ratings from the critics and users as well. It is one of the fast and efficient programs that can help programmers and coders to do their work smartly. Using the smart selection of tools, it will be easy for the programmers to get the right results.

Advanced not complicated

Commonly all the advanced options are complicated. Whenever there is an incorporation of something exclusive that is added additionally in simple software it makes the software difficult. In case of Notepad++, things are quite different. Although there are numerous features added to the system but there is no complication in the whole processing.

You can install the program easily in the system and run it easily even on low space. Numerous features of Notepad++ are hidden or need plug-ins to operate so only the relevant person can access these options. From the search menu, the user can access any required information or tool. Additionally, it lets the users to perform simple and easy tasks as well along with the complicated one.

To provide more clarity with the features and function there are tutorials available online. You can access these tutorials and make the best use of all new and advance Notepad++. These tutorials will make things quite easier for you.

Notepad++ 7.8.1 Update:

Many errors removed which was in previous version of Notepad++.and also added many new features in this version.

  • Popup Bug fixed
  • Alt+Tab issue solved which was found in notepad++ for window 7.
  • Changes in Monospaced font
  • Added download progress bar for plugin download


Install your version now!

You do not need to have any special system or window specifications for the installation of Notepad++7.81. You can simply get it installed in your common system and will be able to make its amazing use.

How to Download Notepad++ Latest version

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