Everything you need to know about Notepad++

Programming involves intensive coding that helps you to save and mark different codes and files with you. While learning to program, it is important to find the best place where you can write codes. Any paper or a random word document never fulfills your requirement. It involves auto-corrections and many other options that can change the codes as well.

For the coder and editors, there is numerous coding software available out there. These options let the professionals run codes and find quick combinations and solutions according to their needs. However, for beginners, it seems difficult to get something exceptional in the beginning. They are unable to make the best use of this software neither their systems can handle them.

In such cases, Notepad++ proves to be a beginner-friendly code editor platform. It comes with an easy and quick interface to work on Windows and helps coders to manage their codes easily. Many people do not have any idea about what is notepad++ and they are unable to make its best use. Here you can find out more about the software and what it can do for you.

What is notepad++?

Notepad++ is one of the open-source code editors that let beginners work on codes freely. Getting the latest version of the code editor is not difficult at all. The installer file is in C++ format so it occupies just 2.7MB. On the hard drive, it takes that space of the only 4MB so you will not have to make more space for the program. The notepad++ offers you a multitude of languages that extend its usage and reach for the users in general.

Installing and downloading notepad++

Installing notepad++ is not difficult. You can get the downloadable link easily at the official site. By clicking the link, you will get the installer download on your system. Simply click and run the installer and set it up in your programs easily. Make sure that you are going to pick up the right version in the installer to get the hassle-free installation in time.

How to update notepad++

Generally, you will be able to get the update notifications in the installer settings of the software. You do not have to reinstall any updated version to get the quick updates. On the other hand, if you are unable to see the updates in the pre-installed version, you can select the updated version with the reinstallation of software in the system.

Setting up notepad++

Just download is not enough to get started with notepad++; you need to make some initial settings to make things work for you. Once you have installed notepad++, now you need to click the settings button and move to the preferences section following the navigation bar. There you will get some of the exclusive and helpful options to make settings for your exclusive coding.

Access default directory

The designated folder on your system lets you make it a default directory for all your existing and future working files. You will not have to select the different or same folder every time you start working on a file. You will be able to set up a directory that will keep records of everything.

Setup auto-complete mode

Notepad++ offers you to enable the auto-complete mode in the program. It works just like your search engine or keyboard preferences. The mode makes writing codes and working on the project easier with giving suggestions, preferences, and completing the code itself.

Default language

When you prefer to work in a specific language then it is preferable to select a default language. It helps you to start your project quickly. Every time you do not have to select a specific language. In the future, if you want to change the language then you can select the specific or optional language from the menu.

Key features of notepad++

Notepad++ does not come as simple coding software for the programmers. It comes up with some of the exclusive and handy features that make it easy to work on projects. These features let the programmers speed up the procedure and write codes or access files quickly.

Keyboard shortcuts

It is evident that keyboard navigation is quite easier for a person with typing frequency and doing a typing job. When writing codes, it seems convenient for the coders to access keyboard shortcuts and perform multiple tasks. Notepad++ comes with several short and quick shortcuts that help coders to navigate through page and performance different tasks easily. To access the shortcuts it is necessary to specify the language first so the software will be able to identify the command.

Auto completion

A very few of the coding software offers you the auto-completion feature of codes. With notepad++, you will be able to get the auto-completion suggestions by the software. It reduces the working time, energy, and gives you better options to make things work.

Language preferences

Notepad++ lets you set one or more than one preferred language in the settings. It helps to make the job easy and nice. You do not have to get through the multiple languages to find your desired language. On the other hand, the program will decode your short key selection according to the preferred language.

Built-in plug-ins

In the notepad++, you will be able to use multiple plug-ins to increase working efficiency. The program comes with pre-installed and built-in plug-ins that you can access by clicking on the plug-in option in the main menu. It will open several plug-ins and you can activate them by just one click.

Search and replace

The software allows you to search for a specific code and replace it with the other one. If you have the codes wrong in the program, you can search, select, and replace the similar codes at a time with a few clicks. It also helps you to identify any issues with the codes in files and rectify them smartly.

Frequently Asked Questions

Let’s review some of the basic questions everyone wants to ask about notepad++.

How to edit DLL files with notepad++

Editing a DLL file seems a tricky part in general. It is not possible to edit the DLL files with notepad++. You need to get some other software or program to make changes to such files.

How to make notepad++ dark

To get into the dark theme of notepad++, go to “Settings” on the main bar, select “Style configuration”. In the menu, you can select the dark theme, go to “Global Styles” for more background color options in advance settings.

How to run code in Notepad++

Running code in notepad++ is not difficult, you just need to click on the “Run” option in the main menu or press F5. In the “program to run” option, you need to click on three dots and then add command. Now click the save option and save it with a name. Click Run, and it will open in a new window.

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