Best Notepad++ Alternatives to Adopt in 2020 & 2021

Notepad++ Alternatives – Notepad++ is one of the best free source code editing editors from Microsoft Windows which can perform multiple functions without opening multiple pages. It is deemed as one of the best editors where you can work on multiple languages with ease. The interface of Notepad++ is very easy to use and one of a kind. But if by chance you are working on a mac book or somewhere else where Notepad++ is not available and are looking for some Notepad++ alternatives then you came to the right place. The following are some of the best software for source code editing and can be deemed as the beast alternatives for Notepad++.

Best Notepad++ Alternatives to Adopt in 2020 & 2021

Best Notepad++ Alternatives to Adopt 

Geany Text Editor

Geany is one of the best source code editor after Notepad++. It is not only a very powerful editor for the programmers to work on but it’s very lightweight as well just like Notepad++. You don’t have to worry about bugs and a heavy interface that could result in slowing down your work speed in any way. The best thing about Geany text editor is that it supports all of the big Operating systems including Mac, Linux, and Windows. It has all of the major functions already included in its program. Following are some of the examples


  • Syntax Highlighting
  • Code folding
  • Symbol name autocomplete
  • Auto-close HTML and XML tags
  • Plugin functions
  • A lot of supported file types
  • Construction and competition / Snippets.

Gedit Text Editor

When we are talking about Notepad++ alternatives, the list wouldn’t be complete without discussing Gedit text editor. Gedit is a very powerful source code editor just like Notepad++ and it doesn’t consume much space to be installed in your operating system. If you are a programmer then you already know about Linux operating system and Gedit text editor is a default text editor for GENOME desktop on Linux. Gedit has a very simple and easy interface and it is very user friendly as well, not only that it also gives you excess to a lot of executive programming functions. Gedit supports a lot of programming languages as well which makes your work very easy and time-saving without losing any of the work quality. The gedit Text editor has a lot of other amazing features as well which includes.


  • Spell checking
  • Powerful Plugin system
  • Syntax highlighting and current line highlighting.
  • Many configurable colors and fonts options which make it cooler and cooler.
  • Auto closing of XML and HTML tags
  • And many other wide ranges of functions like printing and search and replace text options etc.

 Kate Editor

Kate editor is also commonly known as KDE advance text editor. It is a source code editing software and a very powerful one as well developed by the KDE software community. It’s written in C++ language and like Notepad++ it also consumes very low internal space for installation purposes. The working interface of Kate editor is very simple and user-friendly as well and best of all it supports all major operating systems like Linux, Mac, and windows. Some of Kate’s editor’s awesome and cool functions are as follows.


  • It allows window splitting functions both horizontally as well as vertically.
  • Amazing Bookmarking system.
  • Line modification indicators making your working environment a paradise.
  • A very powerful Plugin system that supports all of the necessary plugins to work on and many more.
  • Configurable colors and fonts.
  • Multi-document interface which allows you to work on multiple projects all at once and many more.


   Notepad2 Text editor

Just like its name suggests Notepad2 is among one of the best Notepad++ alternatives, a built-in editing software of Microsoft windows. The main aim for Notepad2 text editor is to make it as streamline, efficient, and user-friendly as Notepad. Just like Notepad++ it also consumes a small amount of storage space and very light software to work on your project. Certainly, it doesn’t have any less of functions than Notepad++, some of the main functions of Notepad2 are as follows:


  • Customized syntax highlighting function
  • Drag and drop options for text editing inside as well as outside Notepad2.
  • Very adjustable and user-friendly interface to work on.
  • Auto indention system.
  • Bracket matching function and many more.

 Coda Text Editor

If you are a programmer and looking for coding for web and your demand is very fast clean and at the same time a very powerful text editor then Coda text editor is a software that you are looking for all along. It is a very user-friendly editor with a pixel-perfect view and its built-in function includes opening and managing of your remote and local files. Despite being a very low space installation software it very 3-4 times faster than any other ordinary editor and some of its major functions are as follow:


  • Very high Speed: Whether you are working on Syntax highlighting or Symbol parsing, Speed is the one thing you will not lose at any cost.
  • Touch bar system: it switches and moves almost instantly between preview and editor.
  • A very powerful Plugin system: where you can add more and more plugins according to your taste and work environment.
  • CSS overriding: Very easily edits and override a site’s CSS in no time at all.
  • Publishing feature: Coda can easily track and then publish files that are modified outside Coda.
  • Panic Sync. Sync all of your passwords, sites, and private keys to all of your Macs and many more.

 Atom Text editor

The Atom text editor is a free source editor that is easily and readily available on the internet, just one click away from download. It supports all of the big Operating systems including Mac, Windows, and Linux. The best and unique thing about Aton text editor is you can share your workspace with your friend as well as they say that greater things came into being when you work on it together. Like all of the best text editors, it consumes very low storage space to install but that doesn’t mean it lacks in power in any way. Some of the functions of Atom text editor are as follow:


  • A very powerful text editor also allows you to share your workspace.
  • A built-in package manager
  • A very smart auto-completion system
  • File system browser
  • Plugins, themes, packages, and many more.