How to print screen on a Mac? 4 Different Methods

Mac book

Print screen on a Mac : Most people prefer Mac on windows due to Mac’s many unique functions that Mac possesses, but windows don’t. A part of this is that almost all Mac users face taking the print screen, especially if your workflow requires taking regular screenshots.

    Apple gives a fair number of options to capture, save, delete quickly, and open the print screen in case of any edits, but the point is knowing them. Commonly, there are four ways to capture a screenshot or to print a screen on your Mac, depending upon Mac’s system being used. The first three ways are used in regular Mac book and the fourth one if you have a MacBook with a touch bar. if you want to learn how notepad++ work on Mac visit our previous posts.

Ways to print screen on Mac

Here are a few techniques that you need to print screen on your Mac.

  1. Command shift-3:

Command shift-3

This command is commonly used to print the entire screen. This is very helpful, especially if one is up for any homework or to capture some memorable moments on a video call and, more importantly, during an online class. Furthermore, this is the easiest way of taking screenshots on your Mac. All you have to do is press and hold the shift button, and the command 3 for a second your screenshot will appear on the picture library in the form of a PNG file.

  1. Shift-command-4:

Commonly, this command is used if a specific part of a screen is to be captured. You can use this command to turn the cursor into a crosshair, after which you can drag it to select a portion of your screen to capture. Release the touchpad or the mouse button to take a shot.

After hitting Shift-command-4, you have other options on your screen as well:

  • Press and release the space bar:

In this option, your touchpad’s cursor or mouse is now a crosshair that turns into a little camera icon, which can be moved on any open window. Then, you can easily take a screenshot of your desired window by just clicking on it. This method’s print screen possesses a white border around the window with a little bit of a drop shadow.

  • Press and hold the space bar:

This option is applicable after dragging the crosshair to the respective area but before releasing the touchpad or mouse button. This allows you to reposition your required area. This option is very beneficial, especially if your required area is off by a few pixels. Just hold down the space bar to reposition it and then release the touchpad or the mouse button to take a shot.

  • Hold down the shift key:

This option is also quite similar to the previous one and allows you to select precisely the part of the screen you want to print. You can even position the bottom edge by moving the crosshairs up and down. Release the shift key without moving your cursor and click it again to reposition your respective area’s right edge. You can also switch between moving the straight edge or bottom edge by keeping the typing pad engaged.

  1. Shift-command-5:

It is a new shortcut command introduced in 1988 and is most convenient of all. This specific command calls up a small panel at the bottom of the screen. In this panel, three print screen buttons allow you to print a window or a particular part of the screen as per your desire. Furthermore, two video recording buttons will enable. On the left of this panel, a small X sign s used to close the panel.

On the panel’s bottom right, an option button allows you to save your required print wherever you want. You can choose desktop, mail, messages, clipboard, documents to preview to protect your print. You can also set a 5-10 seconds delay to align all the screenshots according to your need or interest. You can again move the screenshot panel to your desired place by dragging it quickly.

  1. Command-shift-6:

This command only works in the MacBook with a touchpad. You can easily take a screenshot of what’s going on in the on-screen bar. This is the easiest and the most advanced way of taking a screenshot printing a screen of your MacBook. You can easily take a clear and a skinny screenshot of the touch bar by just hitting the command shift along with the command 6. You can also capture the part of the screen you wanted to capture by following the above steps. The point to be noted is that this command is only applicable if you have a 16-inch MacBook with a touch bar on it.


Everything you need to know about Notepad++

Everything you need to know about Notepad++

Programming involves intensive coding that helps you to save and mark different codes and files with you. While learning to program, it is important to find the best place where you can write codes. Any paper or a random word document never fulfills your requirement. It involves auto-corrections and many other options that can change the codes as well.

For the coder and editors, there is numerous coding software available out there. These options let the professionals run codes and find quick combinations and solutions according to their needs. However, for beginners, it seems difficult to get something exceptional in the beginning. They are unable to make the best use of this software neither their systems can handle them.

In such cases, Notepad++ proves to be a beginner-friendly code editor platform. It comes with an easy and quick interface to work on Windows and helps coders to manage their codes easily. Many people do not have any idea about what is notepad++ and they are unable to make its best use. Here you can find out more about the software and what it can do for you.

What is notepad++?

Notepad++ is one of the open-source code editors that let beginners work on codes freely. Getting the latest version of the code editor is not difficult at all. The installer file is in C++ format so it occupies just 2.7MB. On the hard drive, it takes that space of the only 4MB so you will not have to make more space for the program. The notepad++ offers you a multitude of languages that extend its usage and reach for the users in general.

Installing and downloading notepad++

Installing notepad++ is not difficult. You can get the downloadable link easily at the official site. By clicking the link, you will get the installer download on your system. Simply click and run the installer and set it up in your programs easily. Make sure that you are going to pick up the right version in the installer to get the hassle-free installation in time.

How to update notepad++

Generally, you will be able to get the update notifications in the installer settings of the software. You do not have to reinstall any updated version to get the quick updates. On the other hand, if you are unable to see the updates in the pre-installed version, you can select the updated version with the reinstallation of software in the system.

Setting up notepad++

Just download is not enough to get started with notepad++; you need to make some initial settings to make things work for you. Once you have installed notepad++, now you need to click the settings button and move to the preferences section following the navigation bar. There you will get some of the exclusive and helpful options to make settings for your exclusive coding.

Access default directory

The designated folder on your system lets you make it a default directory for all your existing and future working files. You will not have to select the different or same folder every time you start working on a file. You will be able to set up a directory that will keep records of everything.

Setup auto-complete mode

Notepad++ offers you to enable the auto-complete mode in the program. It works just like your search engine or keyboard preferences. The mode makes writing codes and working on the project easier with giving suggestions, preferences, and completing the code itself.

Default language

When you prefer to work in a specific language then it is preferable to select a default language. It helps you to start your project quickly. Every time you do not have to select a specific language. In the future, if you want to change the language then you can select the specific or optional language from the menu.

Key features of notepad++

Notepad++ does not come as simple coding software for the programmers. It comes up with some of the exclusive and handy features that make it easy to work on projects. These features let the programmers speed up the procedure and write codes or access files quickly.

Keyboard shortcuts

It is evident that keyboard navigation is quite easier for a person with typing frequency and doing a typing job. When writing codes, it seems convenient for the coders to access keyboard shortcuts and perform multiple tasks. Notepad++ comes with several short and quick shortcuts that help coders to navigate through page and performance different tasks easily. To access the shortcuts it is necessary to specify the language first so the software will be able to identify the command.

Auto completion

A very few of the coding software offers you the auto-completion feature of codes. With notepad++, you will be able to get the auto-completion suggestions by the software. It reduces the working time, energy, and gives you better options to make things work.

Language preferences

Notepad++ lets you set one or more than one preferred language in the settings. It helps to make the job easy and nice. You do not have to get through the multiple languages to find your desired language. On the other hand, the program will decode your short key selection according to the preferred language.

Built-in plug-ins

In the notepad++, you will be able to use multiple plug-ins to increase working efficiency. The program comes with pre-installed and built-in plug-ins that you can access by clicking on the plug-in option in the main menu. It will open several plug-ins and you can activate them by just one click.

Search and replace

The software allows you to search for a specific code and replace it with the other one. If you have the codes wrong in the program, you can search, select, and replace the similar codes at a time with a few clicks. It also helps you to identify any issues with the codes in files and rectify them smartly.

Frequently Asked Questions

Let’s review some of the basic questions everyone wants to ask about notepad++.

How to edit DLL files with notepad++

Editing a DLL file seems a tricky part in general. It is not possible to edit the DLL files with notepad++. You need to get some other software or program to make changes to such files.

How to make notepad++ dark

To get into the dark theme of notepad++, go to “Settings” on the main bar, select “Style configuration”. In the menu, you can select the dark theme, go to “Global Styles” for more background color options in advance settings.

How to run code in Notepad++

Running code in notepad++ is not difficult, you just need to click on the “Run” option in the main menu or press F5. In the “program to run” option, you need to click on three dots and then add command. Now click the save option and save it with a name. Click Run, and it will open in a new window.

Notepad++ Mac Features – Download Notepad++ Mac 2021

Notepad++ mac features

Notepad++ Mac Features – Original Notepad are the built-in program that has been used for coding and many other purposes since the launch of the 1st operating system. Notepad++ is the advanced application of notepad, it’s a source code editor and is free to download and use for multiple platforms including Windows, Linux, and Mac.

Less Memory Requirement – This amazing software doesn’t only allow you to code in multiple languages but space it consumes in your operating system is close to none. (4-5MB).

To use it you don’t have to worry about your operating system resolution issue as well as this software is available to download in both 32- and 64-bit windows OS architecture. You can easily download both versions from the official website of Notepad++ Mac.

Despite being software that only consumes a minimum of 2-4Mb on your operating system it holds quite a punch in itself and you can work on the source code of your desiring as long as you want without having to worry about any glitches.

The official Microsoft team is continuously working on the backend as well to make it more convenient for you to use, as a result, you will receive updates of Notepad++ Mac Features from time to time. Let us dive into the deep insights of the Notepad++ Mac features.

Notepad++ Mac Features

Notepad++ mac is the most vastly used software for source code editing and writing purposes, it has a wide range of Notepad++ Mac features which makes it more convenient and easier to use. You can not only use to search but also customize the desired text as well and it takes only a minimum amount of space to do that all of that.

Furthermore, it has a lot of languages already built in making your working on them easier and easier and way more convenient. Whether you want to work on Python, C++, HTML, or in any other language, Notepad++ Mac is the software which got you covered in every aspect and every language.

Below is an example of working on Python in Notepad++, one of the most used coding languages nowadays


The component which is used for editing purpose in Notepad++ Mac is Scintilla which is the most updated and powerful one. Notepad++ Mac itself is written in C++ language which uses STL and WIN32 API which results in very small program size and very fast execution speed.

Notepad++ calculates as many routes as possible without making its interface any less user-friendly.

Programming in 79 Different Computer Languages

Amazingly you can work on notepad++ in 79 different computer programming languages which include:

  1. AutoIt
  2. 1 Batch files.
  3. ASP
  4. ActionScript
  5. Assembly
  6. Ada
  7. Scripts
  8. BaanC
  9. 1
  10. Blitz Basic
  11. C#
  12. C++
  13. C
  14. Csound
  15. CMake
  16. Cobol
  17. CoffeeScript
  18. Cami
  19. CSS
  20. D
  21. Diff
  22. Erlang
  23. escript
  24. Forth
  25. Fortran
  26. FreeBASIC
  27. Gui4Cli
  28. Haskell
  29. HTML
  30. INI files
  31. Intel HEX
  32. Inno Setup scripts
  33. Java
  34. Perl
  35. JavaScript
  36. JSON
  37. Lua
  38. KiXtart
  39. LaTeX
  40. LISP
  41. JSP
  42. Makefile
  43. Matlab
  44. PostScript
  45. Nim
  46. nnCron
  47. Scripts
  48. Objective-C
  49. OScript
  50. Pascal
  51. JAVA
  52. PHP
  53. MMIX
  54. PowerShell (Broken)
  55. PureBasic
  56. Python
  57. R
  58. Resource file
  59. Registry script (.reg)
  60. Rebol
  61. Ruby
  62. Rust
  63. Scheme
  64. Shell script
  65. Smalltalk
  66. SPICE
  67. SQL
  68. Swift
  69. S-Record
  70. Tcl
  71. Tektronix HEX
  72. TeX
  73. txt2tags
  74. Visual Basic
  75. Visual Prolog
  76. VHDL
  77. Verilog
  78. XML
  79. YAML

The above-mentioned Notepad++ Mac Features computer languages list indicates two types of special case items:

  1. MS-DOS Style it emulates Dos-era text editing.
  2. Normal text

Notepad++ Mac Features also holds very interesting features like calculating and then creating cross platforms plain text files. It recognizes three kinds of newline representations which include CR, LF, and CR+LF, and can convert between them in no time at all. Notepad++ can also reinterpret plain text files in different character encodings and can also convert them to UCS-2 UTF-8 or ASCII.

Notepad++ mac features has a lot more user-friendly features making your working experience like a paradise. Some of those exciting features as follow:

  • Autosave
  • Split screen editing and synchronized scrolling
  • Finding and replacing strings of text with regular expressions
  • Guided indentation
  • Macros
  • Line bookmarking
  • Simultaneous editing
  • Line operations, which include case conversion (Uppercase, lowercase, sentence case, camel case), and removal of all the redundant whitespace in it.
  • Tabbed document interface

The Amazing Plugin features.

Notepad++ mac features includes all the necessary things which you think one’s Notepad should have. It also supports plugins and is well renowned for its one-of-a-kind robust plugin architecture. Having all of this enables you to add different kinds of multiple in your program. More than 140 compatible plugins have been developed for Notepad++ by the company and thanks to its being an open source you can almost find the plugin for whatever type you want and whenever you want. 10 of these plugins are already included by default in the program, however, if you want to include more plugins you have to install them through an already build-in program called Plugin Manager.

Macros Working

Macros are the best example of user-friendliness; it stores all of the complex calculations in itself and then executes them on a larger scale for your convenience. For example, If you want to delete a line break (BR) code from multiple entities you can not only search them but also can delete them altogether, the wonder doesn’t just stop here you can also replace the deleted code or word with your desired word and then implement that change to the whole program and all of this will be done in less than a second.

Among all the work pads available on the internet nowadays, Notepad++ is the best. Despite being looked like a simple, old school style (which is a perk itself and shows more user-friendliness) it also holds the power of being the best Pad to be working on among multiple languages at once. Not only giving you the option of coloring your code lines as you desire but also remain the fastest in execution speed Notepad++ is truly one of a kind.


All in all, there is nothing wrong with the saying that Notepad++ mac is one of the best source code editing & composing software that is highly capable to do anything in highly efficient manner. The Notepad++ mac features are huge in number and these features diversify its nature. Download Notepad++ Mac & enjoy coding.


Notepad++ For Mac [2021 guide]

Notepad++ For Mac [2021 guide]

Notepad++ for mac: A notepad is a software developed for making notes and writing their personal talks. Its very first software version, Microsoft notepad, was pre-installed in Microsoft Windows XP. Then by the passage of time, it began to be used by the window versions. Notepad plus is an updated version for coding for different purposes. It’s quite different from the previous notepad version. Notepad ++ is now one of the most using software for coding by developers. Its supper features, plugins, and themes are superb to use.

Notepad++ For Mac

After getting too much popularity and such exclusive and enchanting features, people started to search for Notepad++ for Mac. Actually, notepad ++ is still not developed for mac systems. It is not only required for mac users but also for those who have switched their system to mac os. So, they often get frustrated by using other software for coding and use it to search for download notepad for mac os. It’s still a debatable issue why it couldn’t be developed for Mac. Somehow, its functionality inspires the most developers to search for it.

how to download notepad++ For Mac

you can easily check the complete guide I give the link where you get free Notepad++for mac. it’s very easy to download notepad++ for mac.

First, we will discuss some of its features, so that you may have some info about why people are getting so eager for its availability on mac os. Notepad ++ has an exclusive feature of numbering lines in the coding process. It will help you to locate any coding part either through searching by line number or by tags. The second one and most astonishing feature of notepad++ is that it will give you some already written plugins if you download its plugin file. For this purpose, you can search by notepad++ plugins manager. Its third and most adoring feature is that you don’t need to open two separate windows or work. it offers you the same window for two different files. So, notepad++ compares files in the same window.

Such features attract people mostly to download notepad++ and use it for their coding purposes. So, by moving towards our topic, This article is going to tell you how to use notepad++ on a mac. There are mainly two methods to run notepad on mac os as well. First of all, is to download and run an emulator software to run windows software on Mac os. So, let’s move to it;

  1. By running an emulator

As we all know, we use different kinds of emulators on pc for running Android applications. Same you can use emulators for running Windows applications on mac os. For this purpose, Wine is the only software that is used for running a fake C:/ directory on mac os and installing different pc applications. Follow these steps to perform this method;

  • Download Wine from your mac browser and install it on your system.
  • Now create a fake C:/ directory after installing in the terminal.
  • Download your desired version of notepad++ and archive it’s the file to that directory.
  • To install notepad just enter run notepad++. exe in the terminal.
  • After installing, launch it through wine and use it for your purpose.

Through this method, you can enjoy using your notepad++ on mac os but we couldn’t say that it would run smoothly. Because you are using it through third party software so it may have some bugs. But don’t worry, here’s our second method in this regard.

  1. Running a virtual machine

Using a virtual machine or window installer could also let you use windows and its applications at the same time. For this purpose, VM ware fusion is mostly used. Through this machine, you can easily use windows and install its application on your mac os. And it also provides you the smoothness and stability of running applications that you enjoyed on mac os. As it is a bit difficult to perform, so we recommend you to watch some tutorials or brief videos to perform this activity. It’s a type of developer method but once you do, you can enjoy all the windows features.


Both these two methods may let you use your notepad++ on mac os but remember one thing that, using a third-party system for coding purposes cam results into bugs. So, you also face some bugs during your coding and developing process. Software development requires the smooth working of software and system, so it is a little bit doubtful that it may not be used for that purpose. In this problem, you hit your thoughts on what to do if I couldn’t use notepad++ properly. So, here we are going to tell you some notepad++ alternatives for mac os. So, get engaged in the article and let’s move to those alternatives;

  1. Sublime

Sublime is another most used software for coding in different languages. It has proved itself quite easier to use for web development. I personally used it for web designing and its interface is too easy to understand. The plus point here is that you can run this application on your all mac os versions as well. So, don’t panic and stick to notepad plus. Sublime text has the capacity to manage all your editing lines with space margins. All divs and tags are spaced as they go for sub and subcategories. So it helps you to locate your coding lines easily. The other super feature of sublime is that you can use its prescribed color codes in CSS and many other css3 extras without going to search for it. You can use it in both black and white themes.

  1. Brackets

Brackets is another coding software used for developing purposes. it can run more than 5 languages at a time in a single file. That’s why it is now one of the most used applications for coding these days. Brackets are also used for its capability to run on mac os. It is too light that it’s whole file size is 2 to 4 MBS. And it can run on any system either windows or mac smoothly. As it is more advanced than sublime text. So, it has many more features than the sublime. It will develop a rough template if you start with the first tag of HTML. There are also many other features that make brackets more usable than notepad++. So, you can say that it’s the best notepad++ alternative for mac.

  1. Atom

atom is another advanced, free, and fully coded software to use for coding purposes. It is more advanced than sublime but equal to brackets. As they both got famed due to their extra options and features. Atoms let you know how to fill out the whole line by just entering one string or verse of code. As they are pre-coded so you don’t have to write the whole coding line.

  1. Code runner

CodeRunner is built-in or likely to say specialized software for mac and mac os. It is specially developed to use on mac os if other applications bugs during the performance.  CodeRunner is like the notepad++ of mac os. So, it is fully featured software to use for coding. It has the capability of running more than 125 languages of coding. So, it’s another best notepad++ alternative for mac os.

There is a lot of other software as well. According to my research, there is no lack of software to use on mac for developing purposes. Although, some are more advanced and some not. So, we have helped you in this sense by providing you with the best 4 software.


As I have described all reasons and purposes to use notepad++ and also some alternatives. I will suggest you use Atom or brackets text software for your coding purpose. As both these are fully advanced and light to use smoothly.

Is wine free to use or any license key to purchasing?

No, it is totally free software and you can download it from any website. But, I will suggest you download it from its official website to avoid any virus.

Did virtual machines require any external drive for saving windows?

It's your choice to use an external hard drive. Somehow, it would be useful if you use an external drive because it will protect your data in case of a crash or bug.

Can CodeRunner be used for developing software?

Absolutely yes, as I already described that CodeRunner supports more than 125 developing languages. So, you can also use it for software development.

How to use Notepad++ as HTML editor

How to use Notepad++ as HTML editor

This is the age of technology. Everything needs to be developed according to our needs and purposes. Now, whenever we go to fast food points, department stores, pharmacies, and colleges, they use specific software to keep data. And that software is developed through some process and languages which are called coding languages. Not only this, but there are also many other things which we use in our daily lives are developed through some languages like web designing, developing, etc.

What is HTML (hypertext mark-up language)?

To design a website and develop a website, you need to make a backend and front end both in any programming language. Html is the basic language used for coding and making rough templates for further development. To run such programming languages you need an editor, so the editor used for HTML editing, and coding is called HTML editor. Remember one thing that this is not the name of the software, somehow you can use it to search for a suitable editor. We are explaining each and every point regarding HTML and it’s usage. So keep engaged with the article as this is gonna help you a lot.

What is HTML used for 

HTM is used For Making website Forums Menu, With HTML you can easily make any type of website with coding and without coding.

Html was the very first language to use as basic in coding for web designing and development. Then by the passage of time, it got modified to add some external features and directory to keep it up to date. Now HTML 5 is the latest version of the coding language and used by the world’s top web developers. The main question here arises: how to use HTML? what would be the suitable HTML editor?. Don’t get panicked and confused to judge one for your purpose. As we have listed the best and top-rated HTML editor for you.

Best HTML editor Notepad++

It Doesn’t seem to be sublime, brackets, or notepad++? Obviously, notepad++ is the one and most popular HTML editor used for coding HTML and developing websites. If you spare your few minutes to search for the top editor for HTML then you would surely get to notepad++. Why is notepad + + rated and used? It’s all because of its features and plugins. Notepad++ serves you with many plugins used for HTML editing. It’s the most famous plugin that many developers use is an HTML tag.

Best HTML Editor with Live Preview

Notepad++ is the best and amazing Editor you can use This and type HTML Langauge and it has the option to make live preview you HTML work. Use and enjoy it.

Features of notepad++ as HTML editor

Before describing its coding functionality, I’m going to tell you some major features which make notepad++ extraordinary editor for coding. Basically, it offers you to use several coding languages in on editors like html5, Css3, java, javascript, PHP, laravel, C#, C++, and many more. So, you can use any of these languages at the same time or by your needs. Notepad++ is the only editor which has an attractive color scheme in coding. You easily trace errors. It’s a simple and easy interface that makes it easier to do any changes as compared to other HTML editors like sublime, brackets and atoms, etc.

Now, You have enough info to use it and choose it as your HTML editor. If you are wondering about any flaws in notepad++, then don’t worry such editors don’t have any kind of flaws except fewer options. So notepad++ is fully featured and functions to perform your all programming activities accurately. If we go for the deep study of notepad++ as an HTML editor, Then it has an extra coded directory which helps you in color schemes for coding, themes, plugins, tags, child div, parent div, table tags, etc.

Using Notepad++ as HTML editor in coding

Let’s suppose you have to enter the main HTML body, how will you do this? By entering each and every alphabet of coding vers. This will consume more than half of your time to write each coding verse. Notepad++ offers you a feature to just write a tag of {html} and it will give you the whole body coding structure. So, you don’t need to write all tags separately. In this HTML editor, especially the tags that are used to attach files are too long and complex to remember: this editor will automatically write the whole line by just < adding this symbol and one word of that tag. In this coding sense and facility, notepad++ proves itself as the best HTML editor.

Now, discussing its pre-written directory files and plugins, you need to know what is meant by directory and plugins. Basically, directory files are those files that are pre-written by the editor developer to perform coding of that language. Plugins are the extra functionality performing factors used if the directory doesn’t have it. So, notepad++ is enriched in the sense of plugins and directory files both. while using it for CSS( cascading style sheet) coding, it automatically tells you what are available colors instead of entering color code which is too difficult to remember. The second major advantage is that when using CSS for setting divs locations as using position property. Then it offers you many options.


As we have discussed each and every aspect of HTML coding, notepad++ proves itself as the best HTML editor. We don’t force you to stick to our research and reviews, you can also do a search by own. But after visiting and wasting your precious time you will get through the same points which we discussed in this article to make notepad++ as HTML editor. In my opinion, as myself also a web designer: notepad++ is a more advanced features editor for HTML and other languages coding as compared to any other. Its features inspire the developers to use it on mac when they switch their systems.

How to run an HTML file in notepad++?

This is not too difficult to perform. All the editors are used just for coding, so you need to search for running that file into the same editor. just go to that drive where you have saved your file and just double click on it.

How to Indent nested divs or tags?

As notepad++ use to write all lines in straight one direction like right indented. So to make a difference in nested divs, just download the XML tools plugin and use Ctrl+Alt+shift+B to indent your code.