12 Best Alternatives of Notepad++ For Mac 2021

With its every new update, mac OS keeps on improving its features and facilitating its users. But you have bought a mac, and now you are struggling to find a notepad mac alternative. You may also reside to search the mac version of notepad online but end up being disappointed.

Many people have that problem, and your problem is valid that you want a notepad download for Pc. You may have had a look at the notepad mac Reddit forum to find an alternative for notepad++ for mac 2021.

This question might keep on bulging in your mind that, where can I download notepad for mac?


notepad++ for mac

Here are some of the best software you can use instead of notepad++ on your mac

Atom for mac

It might be your daily driver if you are an editor or a developer, as a report says that this tool has been used by more than 60% of developers and editors.

Atom for Mac is integrated with a syntax theme and contains an appealing user interface. Another benefit of the Atom is that it is an open-source platform. Thus you can modify the software if you have basic knowledge about coding.

The software comes with pre-installed themes, but if you don’t find the pre-installed version of the theme intriguing for you, then you can resort to modifying the current theme or creating your theme.

Brackets for mac

Developed by Adobe with Adobe’s passionate community’s support, a bracket for mac is small-sized software. It is a modern program so that you can test C++ and other coding languages on this software.

Another specification of brackets for mac is that you can modify the program as it is also open-source software. The live preview of brackets’ developers with its users is another feature that distinguishes it from other programs and notepad++.

Suppose you have any confusion about the software, or you couldn’t find a thing. In that case, you can ask right away the developers or Adobe’s passionate community. You can also test CSS and HTML codes on brackets for mac and instantly see them on the chrome screen.

Sublime text for mac

If you are willing to invest in a software alternative to notepad++ for mac 2021, then sublime text for mac may be the best choice for you. The feature which distinguishes this program from other software is its sophisticated view, which it provides to its users.

Natively, sublime text for mac support markups. But the software supports almost all the other programming languages, such as C++, Java, CSS, HTML. You can use a trial version of the sublime text for mac, but you would have to buy a license for more prolonged use.

Textmate mac

The versatile software Textmate mac is a plain text editor. With its immensely growing community, Textmate mac supports all the major programming languages and markdowns.

You can also use the software to inject SQLs and edit other types of codes or database.

Textmate mac is a well-reputed software as it won the best Mac OS X Developer Tool in August 2006. Whether you are into editing texts or writing codes for a specific programming language, Textmate mac can be an answer for you to find an alternative for notepad++ for mac 2021.

Simple notepad for mac

If you are not a developer or didn’t write or test programs on Windows before switching to mac OS, let’s put an end to your hurdle of finding an alternative for notepad++ for mac. You may have gone through notepad++ mac Reddit forums before visiting this page.

However,  you should now end your hurdle as a simple notepad can also be used for mac 2021 rather than notepad++. You will be able to write explicit texts in the simple notepad software, which may prove beneficial for you.

Notepad++ plug-ins

When the notepad 64 bit 7.8 6 launched for Windows, most people considered the best writing tool, including developers and editors. Most Mac OS users started searching for notepad++ similar software for mac and wanted to get a notepad++ download in their mac OS.

Even the Microsoft notepad and notepad++ 2020 came with better than ever updates. You should know that being a mac OS user can still use the simple notepad for writing purposes, as stated earlier.

But if you are some whose work is related to coding and developing, you can download the notepad++ plug-ins for mac OS. Most alternatives for mac already had those plug-ins. Still, now you can download them separately on your PC according to your orientation.

UltraEdit mac

Ultraedit mac is considered the best source code editor in the market, which provide highly classified security credentials and security policy to its users. The Ultraedit mac offers its users the best source code editing facilities. You can now deal with different languages on the go. Ultraedit mac can be used to deal with Python, C++, C, HTML, and CSS. The UltraEdit is being recognized as one of the best text software and source code editor by most developers and text editors.

The feature which distinguishes the Ultraedit mac from other source code editors is the column feature. The column enables you to write code along the y-axis and execute different data-related operations along the y-axis. This feature can sometimes also be used to input graphs and graph-related material.

You can either develop a code on the UltraEdit mac or test a code. It can also be used by data scientists to perform SQL injection and other functions of these types. System administration function can also be performed on UltraEdit mac and other procedures such as data administration and file extraction.

With that amount of features, the software can be downloaded or used as a trial, or you can purchase it after paying a one-time fee.

BBEdit mac

BBEdit mac, previously known as Text wrangler mac, is a featured tool for Mac OS users, which is rich in text. It is an alternative for notepad++ for mac. Programmers who have to deal with shell scripting daily, or those who have to search log files, consider this software an alternative for notepad++.

You can also use the BBEdit mac to extract files and manage a website or website’s code. The plus point about this software is that it completes and manipulates your code quickly and fast, which must be beneficial for a programmer or a developer.

BBEdit mac can undergo operations like file handling. It can also be used for programming. Web developers use it for web development and find it useful in that context. The software helps them manage their website and execute the website’s code more easily and fast.

The manipulation of source co is another feature that BBEdit holds and makes the software as useful as it could be for its users. With that many features, BbEdit mac requires you to purchase a license to use it but to test its features, and you can use it on a 30-day trial period as well.

Sublime for mac

This software is the best option for those developers, programmers, and source code editors who like sophistication in their code. Sublime for mac supports a numbered function, but you can add desired plug-ins in the software, unlike most source code editing programs. Users can use it for a trial period, but it requires a paid license for long-term use.

Komodo IDE

Komodo IDE is a leading development app among the majority of the developers. It is similar to that of Window’s notepad++, which means that it can be used as an alternative for notepad++ for mac.

Komodo IDE is designed in such a way that it provides developers complete freedom. The Dev Team capability of Komodo IDE enables multiple developers to work on the same project irrespective of their geographical location.

Komodo editor also includes an advanced editor. It supports most of the major computer programming languages such as Python, Pearl, Javascript, Ruby, and HTML/CSS. To become an official Komodo IDE user, you need to create an account on their ActiveState platform to register their copies.

Sunset code

Sunset code comes with a variety of vivid themes that enhances the user experience on the software. It is an alternative to notepad++ and comes with a smart debugging tool. Its themes include the Coral theme, Lunar theme, Obsidian theme, and Code runner.

The best and most popular theme of all is the code runner theme! Code runner is an easy-to-use theme that supports a large number of programming languages. It is an advanced programming editor. By using a code runner, you’ll be able to write debug code from a single app.

Like most of the alternatives of notepad++ for mac 2021, code runner also supports a vast majority of languages. Some of these languages include C++, Java, HTML. This programmer is designed with a user-friendly interface and execute operations with lightning speed.

Code runner also makes debugging faster and easier with the introduction of breakpoints, saving a lot of time for debuggers.

So, Which One Should You Choose?

When they shift from Windows to Mac OS, they hunt searches like “notepad++ portable download 6-bit” or “notepad++ for mac,” which makes no sense as notepad++ for iOS is not available.

You can’t download notepad++ for mac. However, there are multiple alternatives for notepad++ compatible with macOS. These provide similar features like notepad++ but also has some unique features to offer.

But the question remains the same! Which one of the above software should you use as an alternative for notepad++? Well, it’s a matter of personal preference. The answer to it mostly depends on your needs or nature of work.

A software that is helpful for college students might not be as useful for office workers. So you should be deciding which software is the best alternative for notepad++ for mac 2021!

A developer only wants a few things in the software he uses to develop code, i.e., the code’s speed’s execution and ease while developing the code. Same as the case with text editors and source code editors, a text editor wants the software in which he edits text to be user-friendly and up to mark.

A source code editor requires the program to support different programming languages at the same time. These alternatives can solve all of those problems and are designed accordingly. And in case the alternative you are using lacks some feature that you need,  you can always add custom notepad++ plug-ins.

Final words

It is challenging for the general audience, developers, programmers, and debuggers to switch from windows computers to macOS as they can’t usually use many of the windows applications such as notepad++.

You got to know the best alternatives for notepad++ for mac 2021 if you want to make your life easier. And now, you know some of the best notepad++ similar software for mac. Though there is a long list of notepad++ like software, most of the features of all of them are common.

All of the software mentioned in this article are among the best ones. Do you think using notepad++ alternatives for macOS can take the place of the notepad++? Are these alternatives worth it? Leave a comment to share what you think!