Notepad++ Download for Mac and PC 32-bit & 64-bit

Notepad++ is one of the best open-source code editors and ultimately finds the replacement of other editors because it supports a large number of languages. Actually, not only languages it also comes up with a number of unique & appealing features that actually grab the attractions of MS (Microsoft & Mac) users. you can download Notepad++ for mac easily from this page.

Notepad++ Download

The Notepad++ is one of the best editing desktop applications written in C++ and officially uses the pure Win32 API & STL which ultimately make sure that the user experiences the best execution speed and ultimate small size of the user program. This all has been done by optimizing the daily routines of the application without compromising the user-friendly nature of the application. It is just like reducing pollution of the environment. The Notepad++ download 2021 ultimately uses fewer resources like low CPU usage, reduction of CPU power consumption, and ultimately contributing better towards the greener environment.

About Notepad++ for Mac

Undoubtedly, the Notepad++ is one of the best & powerful tools, equipped with the best features which can easily replace the Notepad (official text editor of Microsoft Windows). It also features the 27 programming languages, support searching of regular expressions, folding, syntax highlighting, edits, views of code, and much more than that.


Notepad++ Download

27 Supported Languages of Notepad++

If you want to replace the official Windows Notepad then you must love to replace it with the Notepad++ on your PC or Mac. Officially Notepad++ supports the following languages.

  1. C
  2. C++.
  3. Java.
  4. C#.
  5. XML.
  6. HTML.
  7. PHP.
  8. JavaScript.
  9. RC file.
  10. Makefile.
  11. NFO.
  12. Doxygen.
  13. ini file.
  14. Batch file.
  15. ASP.
  16. VB/VBS.
  17. SQL.
  18. Objective-C.
  19. CSS.
  20. Pascal.
  21. Perl.
  22. Python.
  23. Lua.
  24. Unix Shell Script.
  25. Fortran.
  26. NSIS.
  27. Flash Action Script

Notepad++ is a very mature desktop-based text editor. The authorities are regularly working on fixing bugs and introducing the best features to increase the user experience. You can easily download the official version of the Notepad++ from their website or from the downloading link provided at the end of this article.

Notepad++ also supports a number of languages. You can easily translate the user interface of the application into your native language. You can also add Translation Binary in the Translation Binary Page in order to transform the user interface of Notepad++ in your native language.

Notepad++For Mac as HTML editor

Notepad++ As HTML Editor Html (hypertext markup language) was the only language that was initially built to be used for web development and design. This was the basic and easiest to learn a language for coding. However, to code and process this language, a processor or editor was required. Then by the passage of time, many editors were developed to use for editing and coding HTML as individuals and in combination with other languages. Editing HTML means to debug and decode the previous coding.

However, it was not easy to do on all editors. The notepad++ was famed as the best HTML editor with a simple interface and extreme functionalities. On notepad++ you can easily do coding, editing, debugging, and running an HTML file. Notepad++ has a string prewritten directory which suggests to you different tags and properties during coding. It was also used as the best HTML editor because it has many plugins and themes like night mode or dark mode. Notepad++ as an HTML editor was the most searching keyword to get reviews regarding it. It is proved as the best editor by many developers. As I mentioned in the article notepad++ has remained the top listed in my web designing career. So, it was all in all the best HTML editor.

It developer notepad for mac? Yes, it’s also made for the Mac you can easily use it.

Download the latest version of Notepad++ for mac

Notepad++ for mac

Using an editor or language processor has been started from the old 20th century. However, their versions and features started to change by requirements. At this time where thousands of editor and language processors are available to develop websites and programs, it’s difficult to judge which one would be more suitable to you. Although some programmers have ranked few editors notepad++ has become more reputed among all levels of programmers.

you are a beginner; intermediate or professional, notepad++ can fill out your all needs. It’s developed with an attractive interface and advanced coding directory. This is how it got populated in a short time and millions of pc users use this editor as their programming partner. But to use notepad++ on Mac was another major issue to be solved. The main reason behind not working on Mac is its more developed directory system of coding. You can easily XML notepad for mac free download.

Which was only developed for use on a 32-bit system? So, many programmers shift their system toward Mac and search for the solutions to this problem. I have mentioned some methods which could help you to use it on Mac. But as I told in an article that using a third party software or machine may result in bugs and errors. Also, you won’t be able to handle both systems on a single Mac system.

Features of Notepad++ Official Version

Here are some of the amazing & appealing features of Notepad++ official version which you going to enjoy once you download & install Notepad++ Latest Version on your PC or Mac System. Before proceeding to the downloading section let’s have a look at the features of Notepad++.

  • Notepad++ supports syntax highlighting and syntax folding.
  • The user can also customize the syntax highlighting feature.
  • It also supports auto-completion.
  • You can easily open multiple documents in different tabs.
  • Can easily see the multiple views of multiple sites.
  • You can easily search & replace the Regular expression.
  • The latest version of the application also comes up with the full Drag N Drop functionality.
  • It also equipped with the file status auto-detection.
  • You can easily zoom in & zoom out the document.
  • It supports a number of languages which means the software is well globalized.
  • It is equipped with book-marking functionality.
  • You can also do macro recordings & playback in the Notepad++.

Some more especial features of Notepad++

Customization of User-Interface

The first and foremost thing with which the user interacts is the user-interface and as far as the user interface of the Notepad++ is concerned you can easily customize it fully. You can customize things like tabs that align horizontally or vertically or behind each other.  You can easily split the screen and can work on more than one file simultaneously. Or can dedicatedly work on full-screen mode. Moreover, the Notepad++ Latest version comes up with more than 20 themes that you can easily activate. All you need is to navigate from settings to the Style Configurator.

Notepad++ Download Latest Version

Document Map and Multiple Cursors

The most noticeable thing about the Notepad++ for PC is that it comes up with a bundle of amazing & appealing features that stand it out among other code editors. One such feature is the use of multiple cursors in order to change the code from multiple places at one time. By default, this is hidden in the Notepad++. In order to enable it you need to navigate to settings then Preferences then Editing, and then have to check Enable under Multi-Editing Settings.

Download Notepad++ for free

Loads of Plugins

Notepad++ is an open-source desktop text or code editor. It supports a number of plugins. You can easily find all the plugins from the official website of Notepad. The installation of the plugin is super easy. It easily happens through the pre-built manager of the plugin.


When you begin it, the plugin manager consequently downloads the full rundown of Notepad++ plugins including their name, class, versions, and dependability. As a matter, of course, it just shows stable Notepad++ plugins, however, you can change this whenever you need as per your wish.

The Notepad++ Plugin Manager additionally demonstrates all of the installed plugins and those that have updated versions available & accessible (the pre-built plugin manager naturally checks for that). All in all, it is very simple, easy, straight forward, and comfortable to use.

Unfortunately, the plugin manager is not available for the 64-bit version of Notepad++. The main reason that the plugin manager belongs to another party which is a bit behind in development. So, if you want to use the Notepad++ Plugin Manager then have to go with Notepad++ 32-bit version. Otherwise in 64-bit Notepad++ you need to install plugins manually.

Notepad++ Compare Plugin

As you’ve read about notepad++ editor, it’s one of the best editors compared to MS Word or any else. You’ll love it with its compare plugin feature. This plugin helps you in comparing your two code versions. To do it, you need to open your two desired files to start comparing in the notepad++. If you want to see the difference between your two codes, then you can utilize this feature by viewing it side by side.

Notepad++ Compare Plugin

For side by side visual differencing, navigate to Plugins > Compare Menu > Compare. It’ll show you the comparison between your files side by side. If you want to set any of your code files first, you can do it by placing it as first to compare. And, you can compare the selected file (A) with your other file (B).

Understanding Colors and Symbols of Compare Plugin

To highlighting any change you made in your codes, the compare plugin provides you the feature of coloring and symbolizing it. Any changes include addition, removal, permanent moving, or changing the line.

1) Addition

When you add the new line in the new file (B), compare plugin highlights with green color and (+) symbol.

2) Removal

When you remove a line in the new file (B), you’ll see red highlight color only on your old file (A). A symbol is a minus sign (-).

3) Moving

When you move the line in a new file, it’ll appear in a different location on the file (B).

4) Changing

When you change something in the line on a new file, then several of the lines become common in both files. Compare plugin gives it orange highlight color to see the comparison.

Easy Navigation between Comparisons

When you compare huge files, the navigation bar will help you check the comparison in one go. It’ll also save your time in finding comparisons by scrolling up or down the file. It is somehow like an MS Word navigation bar or a sitemap of a website.

As I’ve discussed coloring and symbolizing the changes, you’ll see the same colors and symbols to know which line to add, remove, move, or modify.

Notepad++ Technical Info

Here are some of the technical information of the files which you are going to download on your computer. Before moving to the downloading section you must know what you are going to download that’s why have a look before proceeding.

TitleNotepad++ (32-Bit) 7.6.3 for PC Windows
File Namenpp.7.6.3.Installer.exe
File Size4.15MB (4,352,944 bytes)
RequirementsWindows 2000 / XP / Vista / Windows 7 / XP 64-bit / Vista 64-bit / Windows 7 64-bit / Windows 8 / Windows 8 64-bit / Windows 10 / Windows 10 64-bit
LanguagesMultiple languages
LicenseOpen Source
Date AddedFeb 2019

Download Notepad++ Latest Version

Finally, here comes the direct downloading link of Notepad++ which you are going to download. Once you click you have to wait for a while your files will start downloading automatically.

Notepad++ 7.8.1

Notepad++ 7.8.1 is just released on 12/1/2020 with many new features. It has many new features then its older version Notepad++ 7.5.9 version. In this version popup issue fixed also added mono spaced font and updated much more.

Sr. NoVersionClick to Download
1Notepad++ 7.8 release notepad plus plus download
2Notepad++ 7.7.1 release notepad plus plus download
3Notepad++ 7.7 release notepad plus plus download
4Notepad++ 7.6.6 release notepad plus plus download
5Notepad++ 7.6.4 release notepad plus plus download
6Notepad++ 7.6.3 release notepad plus plus download
7Notepad++ 7.6.2 Gilet Jaune Edition notepad plus plus download
8Notepad++ 7.5.6 release notepad plus plus download

Alternatives of Notepad++ for mac

If you’re also facing problems in finding the best alternatives of Notepad++ after migrating from windows to mac, then you’ll love this section of my article.

I’m about to tell you which is the best alternative dedicated editor you can use on your mac. Here are some of these:

  • Atom
  • BBEdit
  • Sunset Code
  • Brackets
  • Komodo IDE

Let’s discuss them in detail so that you’ll not face confusion in selecting one editor for your needs.

1) Atom

atom text editor

If you’re finding an identical version of notepad++ for your Mac, then Atom Editor is the best. It’s an open-source text editor. If you’re a professional coder, you can modify it with your needs.

You’ll love to use it because Atom Text Editor is very simple in usage. Its interface is also user friendly and colorful with syntax themes. Research proves that up to 60% of the developers globally using this editor.

Moreover, it is available for free. You can further download different amazing themes to make it more appealing for your eyes.

2) BBEdit



If you love to code in a cool way, then I assume you’ll be happy with my suggestions to try BBEdit. It’s the best-featured text editor that you can use on your Mac. Many web developers are using this editor for boosting the code work on Mac.

It provides several features for managing your code files, editing them, data extracting and manipulations, and open source. Moreover, it is free to use for 30 days.

3) Sunset Code

Another alternative to notepad++ is Sunset Code Editor. You’ll get appealing four different themes with this text editor. It has a smart debugging tool, and it supports many programming languages such as C, C++, Python, and Java.

Moreover, you can use Sunset Code Text Editor for free of cost. It is available to download on your Mac App Store.

4) Brackets

If you love to have Adobe’s products, you’ll feel happier with the Brackets Text Editor!

It is open-source, and you can modify it. Additionally, it’s a lightweight, modern and powerful text editor for Mac. Adobe’s community also promotes this editor as a super alternative to notepad++ for mac users.

Live preview is a fantastic feature of Brackets. If you want a real-time preview of your browser to see how your website looks live after editing the code. You can make changes in HTML and CSS with an instant connection.

Moreover, it is free to install. You can download it on your Mac.

5) Komodo IDE

Still, looking for another great alternative app for notepad++? Komodo IDE is also an industry leader in notepad++ alternative text editor for Mac. You can also utilize it for writing or modifying your codes in different languages. It supports JavaScript, Ruby, Python, Pearl, and the most common HTML and CSS.

Like the comparison plugin of the notepad++, it has Advanced Editor. It gives you the feature of tracking the changes that you’ve done in your code. You’ll love it with its unique feature, which is its Dev Team Capability. It gives edit access to more users so that your team can work on one document.

To downloading Komodo IDE, you need to register on their official website.

How to download notepad++ on mac

There are many questions related to how to download notepad++. So today I want to tell you how to download, let's start first of all you need to check all button inside link you need to click on it and easily you get the complete notepad file.

How to download notepad for windows

Mac user and window user is totally different and you need to check all links in this page on the homepage I'm sharing the link of mac and check the link of window version just need to click and download it free.

How to download XML plugin for notepad++

First of all you need to click on close all instance of notepad. download the latest XML Tools – make sure to pick x64 (64-bit) version (without DEBUG) to match your Notepad++. in the plugins directory of your notepad++ install ( c:program files otepad++plugins ), create an XMLTools folder.

Is notepad free to download

yes is totally free to download provides is free totally all file.

How to Increase Font Size in Notepad++

If you want to change the font’s size and style, you can do it by navigating to the ‘Style Configurator’ tab. You’ll see this option in ‘Main Menu’> ‘Settings.’

Notepad++ has several styles for making it more user friendly. In the style configurator, you can see many different styles. Global Styles is applicable for all types of languages and file types; make sure you have selected ‘Global Override.’ Moreover, it is chosen as default if you haven’t used a notepad++ style configurator.

To changing the font style, you can see the option on the right side ‘Font Name.’ Please select your desired style to change it. In addition, the font size is also adjustable. Open ‘Font Size’ Dropdown Menu in numbers to set the size of the font.

For applying global override settings, you also need to check the ‘Enable Global Font’ and below ‘Global Font Size.’ You can further apply more styling like the font bold, underline, or italic. After this step, click on save & close to saving the settings.


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Notepad++ Online Offline Download Guide

Notepad++ is an advanced version of standard Notepad, and with tabs enabled now, you can edit or create notes and source codes much more comfortably. The program was initially released back in 2003, but as of now, it got some major releases, and now you will find it much better than before. Those users who are missing some features like themes, tabs, and more in the Notepad will find this feature helpful. However, the downloading process of this program might be complicated for some users, so we’ve made a guide on how to download Notepad++ and the complete installation process.

Notepad++ Guidepost